Our Brands

J & M Stores LONDON
We own the online Ecommerce “Department store” brand J & M Stores LONDON which is currently exclusive to trading on Amazon Europe and operates across the EU and the United Kingdom. We have stock in warehouses in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Czech Republic. This online department store brand has continued to grow year on year since in creation in 2015 and is expected to continue to do so in years to come as the supplier base supporting this brand continues to expand. If you would like to have your products considered to be added to this brand, then please use the contact us page to reach out to us. J & M Stores LONDON reaches 27 countries within the EU and the UK and we are now registered for VAT in the 7 countries listed above, so you can be sure your products can be seen and sold far and wide. In addition we have the facility to receive deliveries in any of the 7 countries listed and cross border distribution and sales across the EU is done via our supply chain systems.

DeTec (Or Designer Technology)
DeTec is our brand for custom built PC systems which are mostly built on demand for our business customers where they can be sure that the system meets their needs and contains no ‘bloatware’ (unwanted software) slowing down their performance. For more details, please look under Our Services Tab under IT Hardware for more information.

Set-up in 2001 WM247.COM is our Web Design brand that has been managed by Designer Academy since late 2011. Over the coming year, this brand will be phased out and merged into the Designer Academy one and all Customers will be transferred under our main brand moving forward as newer customers have been over recent years.