IT Support

Designer at PC Our IT support services can be on a retainer or pay as you go basis. This can include remote support, on site repairs as well as tips and advice for keeping your business running smoothly. We offer off site cloud based system back-up services to protect your data in the event of a major disaster. We provide remote and on site technical support for PC and server problems for the London Travel zones 1-4 (and some parts of zone 5 and 6). Whether it be a hardware failure or something causing the system to run slow we aim to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We offer two schemes for our support services which can described as pay as you go or contract. With pay as you go you just pay for what you use when you need it and this incurs no monthly fees.

Our Contract scheme offers huge benefits which includes free telephone and remote support Monday-Friday. If an on site visit is required under this scheme then you benefit from discounted call out fees (Free in some cases) and hugely reduced hourly technician rates. In Addition clients on contract get priority call out.

Our aim is to fix your Computer or laptop on site and it will be a rare for us to take it off site for repair, thus limiting your downtime.

For a no obligation bespoke quotation then please drop us a message and one of our team will contact you.

*If your organisation has a server based system installed then we may require an on site visit before providing any quotation.

Don’t know which payment scheme is best for you? Here’s a Scenario that should help you:

A organisation with up to 5 computers over a period of a month makes five calls for technical support, two of which result in on site technical support for 2 hours each in London zone 2 location.

For the below example we have excluded any cost of parts as this would be added equally to all figures stated below.

Standard pay as you go cost would be £435+VAT

Standard monthly Contract price would be £305+VAT*

Registered charity pay as you go cost would be £325+VAT

Registered charity contract price would be £275+VAT*

*Includes monthly cost of contract.

All prices correct as at April 2015. E&OE

If you are interested in a no obligation quotation for IT support then please contact usby phone or by dropping a message via our contact us form. Please also be advised that before we take on a new client we may suggest recommendations to the client to ensure that our resources are not overstretched with clients who have ageing systems with problematic issues. A plan of system upgrades can be factored in to any contractual work.